Design Firms Open for Business By Steven Heller, By Lita Talarico
While many young designers perceive a design studio to be little more than a table and computer, the majority of businesses consider the physical locale and architectural surroundings of a firm to be as important as the work that is produced. Design Firms Open for Business is a firsthand look inside studios and offices, both large and small, from all over the world. The inner workings of more than 40 different-sized and variously focused design establishments are explored, offering keen insights into firms working on everything from two- to three-dimensional projects. Designers reveal their thinking about a broad spectrum of important issues, ranging from the names they selected to the underlying philosophy of their practices to the business models they employ. Profusely illustrated with photos of both specific work and working environments, this book provides a unique blend of analysis and biography rolled into one. Each firm is placed in the spotlight, providing an array of successful models to consider by those who are looking to start their own ventures and by those experienced professionals looking for fresh ideas.
TitleDesign Firms Open for Business
AuthorBy Steven Heller, By Lita Talarico
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintAllworth Press
Published1 March 2013
FormatElectronic book text
ISBNs: 9781621535843 978-1-62153-584-3 Title: design firms open for business category:DES 
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