Drawing with Dynamic Perspective Art for Animation and Live-Action Film By Meryl Rosner
Learn how to use perspective drawing to animate your artwork!

In Drawing with Dynamic Perspective, rather than teaching readers what to measure or how to "clean up" a crisp line, the focus is on how to think—how to scribble on a paper napkin or doodle in a sketchbook and where to arrange it later at the drawing board to make it into a meaningful story setting. In perspective drawing, horizon lines and vanishing points are misunderstood, perhaps because they appear complicated. Meryl Rosner gives artists the core skills necessary to master perspective drawing.

The many fun and practical exercises, illustrated with the author's hand-drawn layouts, backgrounds, and scene designs, give students and professionals simple techniques for strong drawing. The book combines the discipline of linear perspective with the creative freedom of imagination on paper. It also explains how to observe and capture detail and how to analyze successful filmmaking. Chapters cover:

  • How to create texture, effects, and drama
  • Basic drafting tools
  • The figure in motion
  • Isometric and geometric perspective
  • Sketching public places
  • Interviews with film and animation artists and experts
  • And much more!
  • Artists of all levels can use this book to bring dynamic perspective to animation production and bring their art to life.

    TitleDrawing with Dynamic Perspective
    SubtitleArt for Animation and Live-Action Film
    AuthorBy Meryl Rosner
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintAllworth Press
    Published7 August 2018
    Dimensions8.00 x 10.00in.
    Illustrations170 color illustrations, 30 B&W illustrations.

    About the author

    Meryl Rosner has been a commercial illustrator for more than twenty years. Trained in classical drawing, painting, and sculpture, Meryl received her BFA from Ithaca College. At the School of Visual Arts, where she now teaches perspective drawing, she studied design with Milton Glaser, illustration with R. O. Blechman, Jack Potter, and Tom Gill, and animation with Howard Beckerman. She also studied figure drawing with Minerva Dunham at Spring Studio. Since 1990, Rosner has been a production designer for live-action and animated films for Disney TV, MTV, Nickelodeon, Blue Sky Studio, and many others. She lives in New York City.

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