Selling Contemporary Art How to Navigate the Evolving Market By Edward Winkleman
A sophisticated examination of today’s contemporary art market from an art dealer’s point of view, this new book focuses on recent changes in the quickly evolving market. With an emphasis on how the market responded to the global recession that began in 2008, gallery owner Edward Winkleman moves from an examination of the factors beyond the individual dealer’s command to those that the dealer can control. Sections cover:

The rise of the art fair
The rise of the mega gallery
New online competition
Models of post-brick-and-mortar art dealing
Art dealers as art fair organizers
Collaboration in a new era

Coverage is also given to the specifics of contracts contemporary art dealers may need, including an examination of a variety of contracts for representation, consignment, and new forms of contemporary art. Exhibiting a wide range of interviews with international experts including dealers, collectors, art-fair directors, journalists, and online art entrepreneurs, Selling Contemporary Art is a must-read for gallery owners, dealers, and artists affected by the rapid innovations in the art-dealing industry.

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TitleSelling Contemporary Art
SubtitleHow to Navigate the Evolving Market
AuthorBy Edward Winkleman
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintAllworth Press
Published1 September 2015
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Edward Winkleman is the director of the Winkleman Gallery in New York. He is cofounder of the Moving Image art fair and has participated in art fairs such as ARCO, Art Chicago, Pulse, Year 06, Aqua Art, and NADA. He is the author of How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery (Allworth Press) and of, a blog that focuses on art (in particular, demystifying the gallery system) and politics. He lives in New York City.

"Edward Winkleman will rightfully make you love and admire people you think you should hate: art dealers, the hell they go through trying to make ends meet, keeping artists happy, talking to critics, collectors, curators, electricians, and everyone else who wants a piece of the art action, all while operating businesses that are free to the public. I love art dealers and love that Winkleman will make you see how hard they work. Amen!" —Jerry Saltz, senior art critic, New York magazine

"Edward Winkleman delivers an absorbing, well-researched, and much-needed book on the gallery world of the last seven years. He provides in-depth analysis based on research along with his own astute observations making this book a must-read for those contemplating a start-up as much as for those who have spent their lives in the gallery business."—Dorsey Waxter, partner, Van Doren Waxter Gallery, New York
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