Business and Legal Forms Series

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    Business and Legal Forms for Fine Artists
    Tad Crawford
    (Allworth Press)
    The fourth edition of this eminently useful book includes new forms for hiring and firing employees, agreements to arbitrate, promissory notes, and general releases. Also included are a contract for the sale of an artwork, contract for a commission, delivery-of-art confirmation form, artist-gallery contract,... [READ MORE]
    Business and Legal Forms for Authors and Self-Publishers
    Tad Crawford, Stevie Fitzgerald, Michael Gross
    (Allworth Press)
    Professional and aspiring writers, including those who wish to self-publish, will find indispensable tools in this practical, complete, and time-saving popular resource. Business and Legal Forms for Authors and Self-Publishers contains all of the essential forms for success, including assignment confirmations,... [READ MORE]
    Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers
    Eva Doman Bruck, Tad Crawford
    (Allworth Press)
    This classic industry tool, now in its fourth edition, brings together more than fifty essential and ready-to-use forms for graphic designers. All forms are accompanied by thorough explanations and are made available on CD-ROM so that they can be easily customized. Business and Legal Forms for Graphic... [READ MORE]
    Business and Legal Forms for Interior Designers, Second Edition
    Tad Crawford, Eva Doman Bruck
    (Allworth Press)
    This essential trade reference offers more than fifty crucial forms and tells you everything you need to know to use them effectively, all for $5 less than the first edition. Made available in hard copy and on CD-ROM, each form can be customized and is accompanied by detailed instructions, advice on... [READ MORE]
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