Website Branding for Small Businesses Secret Strategies for Building a Brand, Selling Products Online, and Creating a Lasting Community By Nathalie Nahai
With so many customers taking to the web for information, every business needs to have an online presence, especially a small business. However, a simple website won’t suffice, and each enterprise has to properly connect with customers to build and nurture a relationship that will ensure their devotion to the brand. This is where Nathalie Nahai, the Web Psychologist, steps in.

Nahai expertly draws from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics to share the latest developments, innovative techniques, and original insights that will lead any small business to online success, with information on:

• Targeting the emotional versus the rational brain
• The psychology of decision making
• How to pinpoint your target market
• Communicating persuasively
• Utilizing images, video, and colors to grab attention
• Making a website easy to use
• Using social media to connect
• Increasing sales through e-commerce

What makes consumers click on a link? In what ways can you target different demographics? How do you make the web work for you? The tools in this book will give you answers to help develop a compelling, influential, and profitable online strategy to catapult your brand to the next level.

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TitleWebsite Branding for Small Businesses
SubtitleSecret Strategies for Building a Brand, Selling Products Online, and Creating a Lasting Community
AuthorBy Nathalie Nahai
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintAllworth Press
Published22 April 2014
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Nathalie Nahai is an award-winning speaker with a background in psychology and digital strategy. She is one of the few leading voices in this field to have both academic and hands-on experience in engineering online persuasion. She lectures on the subject of web psychology and helps businesses increase their reputation, client base, and profit online. She also writes for the BBC and the Guardian and runs a bimonthly blog on the subject of web psychology. She lives in England.

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