The Law (in Plain English) for Writers (Fifth Edition) By Leonard DuBoff, By Sarah Tugman
“No writer, beginning or experienced, will want to be without this book.” —Jean Auel, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Clan of the Cave Bear and the Earth’s Children series

A career as a writer involves much more than the act of writing itself. In The Law (in Plain English) for Writers, Fifth Edition, Leonard DuBoff and Sarah Tugman proffer invaluable advice for the myriad legal and business facets of being a writer. Readers will discover how to succeed in every area affecting a writer's livelihood, such as submissions, dealing with agents, taxes, permissions, royalties, alternatives to mainstream publishers, copyright, book and magazine contracts, and how to prevent disputes.

This newly revised edition, keeping up with the changing legal landscape, contains information on a variety of legal issues pertinent to writers of all types, including:

  • Updated coverage on issues such as how to avoid trouble posed by the interplay between the right to free speech, privacy, and defamation law
  • Changes in the copyright law, procedures, and recent cases on copyright protection and infringement
  • Updated and revised chapters on the business of writing
  • New and updated Internet resources

    For writers of all levels, this comprehensive resource is the key to turning a writing career into a sustainable livelihood.

  • TitleThe Law (in Plain English) for Writers (Fifth Edition)
    AuthorBy Leonard DuBoff, By Sarah Tugman
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintAllworth Press
    Published3 April 2018
    Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

    About the author

    Leonard D. DuBoff is the founder of the DuBoff Law Group, PC. He graduated magna cum laude from Hofstra University with a degree in engineering and summa cum laude from Brooklyn Law School, where he was the research editor of the Brooklyn Law Review. He was a professor of law for almost a quarter of a century, teaching first at Stanford Law School and then at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

    Sarah J. Tugman graduated from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, and magna cum laude from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. She has maintained a private civil practice for the past thirty-three years in Anchorage, Alaska, and she is of counsel to the DuBoff Law Group. She is the coauthor, with Leonard D. DuBoff, of several books in the Law (in Plain English) series. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

    “Almost any question you may have about the law and writing is discussed in clear and simple language in Leonard DuBoff’s The Law (in Plain English)® for Writers.” —Jean Auel, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Clan of the Cave Bear and the Earth’s Children series

    The Law (in Plain English)® for Writers is a gold mine of information for writers who want easy-to-understand explanations about the risk of turning fact into fiction, copyright law, the obligations of agents and publishers, and many of the other legal issues that affect writers.” —Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of Violent Crimes and The Third Victim

    “I’ve had to avail myself of more legal advice than I ever imagined! The Law (in Plain English)® for Writers is, as the title indicates, an easy-to-understand explanation of legal issues commonly faced by writers. I highly recommend this comprehensive guide to all writers, beginners and professionals alike.” —Valerie Plame, author of Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House, Blowback, and Burned

    “Leonard DuBoff’s The Law (in Plain English)® for Writers is the most accessible and writer-focused tool I know of for understanding the intricacies of contracts and intellectual property rights. It’s a must-have in my personal library and absolutely should be a must-have in yours. I highly recommend it!” —Graham Salisbury, author of nineteen bestselling novels, including Under the Blood-Red Sun, winner of the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction

    “I consider The Law (in Plain English)® for Writers my go-to reference for understanding how the principles of the law affect me as an author. . . . Not only does the book cover every aspect of the law as it applies to the writing business, but the practical, everyday examples throughout the text make the subject digestible and understandable to anyone who uses it. . . . This book is a must-have for every author, no matter their genre; it is the only writer’s reference book with a permanent place on my desk.” —Annie Adams, author of the Flower Shop Cozy Mystery Series

    “Writers who wield The Law (in Plain English)® for Writers have a wonderful map through the minefield of legal complications that writers knowingly and unknowingly face every day. Without realizing it, a writer may breach copyright law, defamation, or even the First Amendment. I highly recommend this read as a must for any current or aspiring author.” —Jared Quan, President of the League of Utah Writers, Executive Director of Big World Network, and author of several short stories and books including Changing Wax

    The Law (in Plain English)® for Writers is a detailed, knowledgeable, and crisply written compendium of useful (career-building, not to mention career-saving) information. In eighteen focused chapters, the book covers just about every issue the working writer faces, from dealing with agents to parsing contracts, from collaborating with others to structuring taxes, from privacy concerns to access challenges. It is truly one-stop shopping for the writer who wants to work with eyes wide open in a complex and changing literary landscape.” —Lauren Kessler, award-winning author of nine works of narrative nonfiction, including Stubborn Twig, Raising the Barre, Counterclockwise, Dancing with Rose, and Clever Girl

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