The Art and Business of Photography By Susan Carr
Photographers now have the ideal resource to build a solid foundation for success. The Art and Business of Photography takes an honest approach to the photography profession and is a guide to the artistic and business skills that are the foundation of a career in photography. Professional photographer and former ASMP president, Susan Carr, discusses the realities of the photography industry along with the struggles of expressing creativity and producing quality photography. Topics in this distinctive guide include the balance of being an artist and a business person, the basics of copyright, pricing skills, how to find future prospects, and the importance of craft and creativity. Firsthand experiences and sample photographs by top photographers--pursuing various photography subjects and different types of clients--serve to enhance the unique combination of art and business included in this book. This volume also covers the history of the profession and the current state of the industry. Anyone with a love for a photography and the creative process will benefit from this realistic yet inspiring approach to the photography industry.

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TitleThe Art and Business of Photography
AuthorBy Susan Carr
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintAllworth Press
Published15 February 2011
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Susan Carr has been in the photography business for over twenty years. A past president of ASMP, Carr has long been dedicated to the advocacy and education of fellow photographers. Carr organized and managed the highly successful ASMP Strictly Business conferences that toured nationwide and currently serves as education director at ASMP. She edited the latest ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography (2008) and authored The Art and Business of Photography (2011), both published by Allworth Press.

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