The Pocket Legal Companion to Patents A Friendly Guide to Protecting and Profiting from Patents By Carl Battle
Many great ideas fail because the inventors do not take the appropriate steps to protect, promote, and profit from their ideas. This friendly guide will walk you through everything that needs to be done before you can expect to realize financial gain from your invention.

Experienced patent attorney Carl W. Battle provides methods for commercializing your invention, sources of information and assistance, and helpful guidelines for obtaining a US patent on your idea. Specific topics include:

  • Using patent attorneys and agents 
  • Dealing with invention brokers and promotion firms
  • Maintaining confidentiality of your ideas 
  • Obtaining foreign patent rights
  • Enforcing your patent against infringement
  • Licensing opportunities
  • And much more 

This invaluable handbook also offers information that can assist in the selection of an attorney or patent agent, and will help you to get involved and monitor the patent and marketing process. Finally, easy-to-use forms and step-by-step instructions give you the option of saving money by handling the patenting and commercializing processes without hiring a patent attorney or invention broker.

If you have an idea for an invention that could improve productivity, create jobs, or solve some long-standing problem, then pick up this Pocket Legal Companion™ and learn how to maximize your profits.

TitleThe Pocket Legal Companion to Patents
SubtitleA Friendly Guide to Protecting and Profiting from Patents
AuthorBy Carl Battle
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintAllworth Press
Published1 October 2013
Dimensions5.00 x 7.50in.
ISBNs: 9781621532651 978-1-62153-265-1 Title: the pocket legal companion to patents category:LAW ISBNs: 9781621533894 978-1-62153-389-4 Title: the pocket legal companion to patents category:LAW 
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