Creative Careers in Fashion By Debbie Hartsog
Want to become a fashionista—for real? Get this book! Fun and entertaining, Creative Careers in Fashion reveals how the fashion industry works—and explores the vast range of career opportunities in the field. Focusing on the most creative jobs, including accessory, costume, and fashion design, as well as make-up artists, wardrobe consultants, textile designers, and colorists, this book showcases the practical information that will help readers find the perfect job and get it. Included are details on salary ranges, educational and experience requirements, where jobs are located, and new trends. Cameo interviews with real-life fashion professionals offer insider tips. Comprehensive, practical, and inspiring, Creative Careers in Fashion is the complete guide to finding a new career in an exciting industry. • Start a new career with help from industry insiders • Dozens of creative careers for students, career changers, anyone looking for their new parachute • Resources include detailed school and college listings

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TitleCreative Careers in Fashion
AuthorBy Debbie Hartsog
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintAllworth Press
Published18 September 2007
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Debbie Hartsog, formerly Debbie Press, is the author of Your Modeling Career and a former model with the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency. A speaker, teacher, and producer of modeling shows, she lives in Burbank, California.

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